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Fossil Forms
Monotype 2K8787753,
9 inches x 8 inches, Unframed.

"Geographs" are a recent series of monotypes that are a loose grid of at least nine squares often depicting natural forms through the interplay of light and color. Light is the basic element that animates the forms. Facets of light and shade sometimes break the grids into monochromatic prisms, while shafts of light illuminate some of the grids as weavings, thus symbolizing the interconnectedness of life.
Basically, the artist used two colors in these prints, creating a minimal effect. The coloring within the Geographs may be found in nature. The autumnal colors of rust and ochre suggest a fermentation or aging, while a yellow and ochre might resemble pollen for new growth. They may be complementary or simply two colors that occur at different times of the day.

Generating a transcendence of time, the Geographs picture the world as a continual flow of energy that animates every life form.

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